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Sarah Breslin
Colon Hydrotherapy

Helping You Be Your Best Self!

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This therapy can also be known as Colonic irrigation or colonics.

The analogy I use for this treatment is one of a wheelie bin. If your bin is emptied regularly there are no problems but there can still be waste left in the bin and it can cause bad smells, even bugs can live in it, just think of the fruit flies.


So even when it is being looked after it still needs to be cleaned every now and then, with warm water to get all the smells and bugs out. Just like your bowel.


So, if it doesn’t get emptied so often, then things only get worse. But at this stage, it only impacts on the bin itself. If it continues to not get emptied, then it will overflow into the area around it. So, this is what happens in your body.


An overloaded bowel will affect the rest of the body. By having a colonic you can help to get that bin back in action and working well if you empty it often enough.

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Sarah Breslin

Maynooth Business Campus

Unit K4

Maynooth, Co. Kildare

W23 C8P5

Tel: 087 - 2486852


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Sarah Breslin

My name is Sarah and I'm originally from Maynooth in Co. Kildare. However, I have lived in many places over the years but finally made it back home in 2014. In my previous life I worked in Financial services but I knew that I really wanted to do something that made a difference to someone every day so I embarked on my education in Wellness therapies. I trained as an ITEC beautician and massage therapist in Portlaoise and followed this up with lots of post graduate training.


In 2011 I moved to Spain with my family and this is where my journey with Colon Hydrotherapy began. While working at a Health Retreat I was given the opportunity to train as a Colonic therapist which I was doubtful about at first but once I saw the difference it made to the clients I was hooked. I have probably done over 2000 colonics at this stage and it never ceases to amaze me the changes it brings about in people. I am a fully registered member of RICTAT organisation. 

I have expanded my massage training to include massage cupping having trained with Anita Shannon of @ACEMassageCupping and I love the effectiveness of this method. It just adds a whole other dimension to massage.

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