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Are You Getting Enough Fibre?

Do you know what fibre we need and how to get it?

Fibre is what helps keep our gut moving well and keeping it clean and clear. It is found in whole foods, like fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

Now there is a bit of science behind it but for now let's keep it simple. Fibre is the bulky part of food that keeps us feeling full and then moves everything through the bowel efficiently. With our western diets we tend to eat far below the minimum levels needed. The idea of 5 a day is actually the low end of the scale and most people are not even getting that. So it is important to focus on consuming as many of the right foods as you can.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are where it's at for the most part. If you can make sure that you are consuming enough of these it will go a long way to getting your body working well.

Types of Fibre

There are 2 types of fibre, soluble and insoluble. Most fibre foods contain both types.

Soluble Fibre:

• Soluble fibre helps you feel full, slows digestion long enough for the nutrients to be extracted and keep blood sugar levels stable.

• They dissolve in water and create a gel like substance that helps move food through the digestive tract smoothly.

• They contain prebiotics, which promote the growth of beneficial bacteria.

• Oats, apples, strawberries, nuts, flaxseeds, celery, cucumber, blueberries, and carrots are all good sources of soluble fibre. Even adding a teaspoon or 2 of flaxseeds to your breakfast can make all the difference.

• And given how it is water soluble, that means we need to have enough water going in also!!!

Insoluble Fibre:

• Insoluble fibre is not digested by the body but it creates the necessary bulk to form our poo, feed the beneficial bacteria and keep it moving through the colon at the right pace. Without it the bacteria decline, the transit time slows and a build up of wastes can sit in our bodies for far too long. This leads to more toxins and gas being created and can even put a bigger load onto our kidneys to filter out. Quite often frequent kidney infections can be a side effect of constipation. That was my own personal experience when i was younger.

• Foods like broccoli, green leafy veg, courgette, carrots, couscous and brown rice all have insoluble fibre.

Eating Enough Fibre

So how can I eat that much fibre, I hear you say! Again keep it simple. Add in an apple a day, have carrot and celery sticks as a snack, nuts are great, or I find if I grate up the veg it is easier to eat in a salad, especially if you are short on time. I love to grate up carrots and courgettes and fry them off quickly in a pan to heat through with some onion powder. It's so quick and tasty. Add in some parsnip and it's even sweeter.

Here is a great recipe from my good friend Gareth aka The Bouncing Chef for a quick and tasty fibre-ful snack >

Last week I focussed on eating only veg with some grains as I had started to get off track with my food and also as preparation for a liver cleanse. The goal was to eat plenty but just fruit and veg. I have to say it felt great and my system worked better than ever. As for the liver cleanse? Well that's for another day!


Helping you be your best self!

If you would like to get your digestive system into a better rhythm then why not book in for a colonic or even a pack of 3 to really get you on track


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