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Our Feelings matter!

I'm gonna pause on the food list this week because a lot has come up around "feeling" these past weeks!

We all have feelings and we all use our senses to feel and interpret the world around us. So they must be there to provide feedback to our brains to help guide us through this experience. We feel before we think when we enter this world.

What is really interesting is that the words "feel" and "feeling can be used in relation to emotions and physical and mental sensations.

We feel happy, sad, wonderful, awful, tired, nauseous, elated.

Something can feel soft to the touch or sharp. We feel pain in our physical bodies but also emotionally when we go through tough times. Anxiety can be felt physically and mentally

So feelings can communicate so much about what we are experiencing to ourselves and other.

But do we pay enough attention to them or take on the information?

Do we trust our own feelings?

I like to think of feelings as the field agents collecting "intel" and creating reports back to "Central Intelligence". Then Central has to decide what to do with the information.

Sometimes it gets ignored and left on the desk, and down the line something extreme happens that could have been prevented if the report was followed up on.

Like if we are continually getting a pain somewhere in our body but ignore it and do nothing then end up in the emergency room months later.

Perhaps the report is an overreaction and once examined, it is found to be based on old information and can be discarded.

Like when we have old patterns of anxiety based on a previous bad experience that we have already overcome.

And sometimes it gets reviewed and examined and the "intel" is credible so positive actions are taken to remedy the situation, like when we feel we don't have the energy we should have, so steps are taken to rest, eat better, move better.

Feelings are important and we need to pay attention to them. Dealing with them can improve our health on every level.

In colonics I see it so often when the body is choosing to physically let go then the person tunes into what was causing them to feel out of sorts and the emotions come up.

And vice versa, sometimes its the emotions that show up first through a conversation.

And with a massage people tune in to how tense and stressed they were feeling because the body finally starts to relax and let go, often when I work on the face they are shocked at how tense it is.

We all have experienced the child who has a "tummy ache" and doesn't want to go to school. Sometimes it is a physical ache but it is coming from the dread of going to school for some reason ( for me it was the creepy old building we were in)

So take the time to tune in an assess the feedback from your "field agents", it may be just the thing to turn things around quickly for you and even perhaps prevent a crisis in the future!


Helping you be your best self!

Ps if you would like to Feel better why not book in for a treatment at

Colonic €80 per treatment, Therapeutic Massage €60


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