Rest, Restore, Soar Retreat

For those who need a rest and reset... 7 days to reignite your spark

What is a retreat all about and why do I feel it can make a difference?

A retreat for me is time out from day to day task and pressures of normal life to focus on yourself and tune in to what is really going on with you. It is a closed environment if you like so day to day activity can be completely different.

On a retreat your needs are taken care of in terms of food, drinks, location so the only thing you have to do is get up and get dressed. This gives you the time and space to focus on yourself and what is going on in your head and your body. Without the list of to do’s and have to’s from daily life you have more capacity to look after yourself.

I worked in a health retreat in Spain and it was so gratifying to see the changes in people after even 1 week with us. I always said the person who arrives is never the person who leaves. Guests would arrive with a list of issues or aches and pains they identified with, sometimes barely saying their names before the list spilled out. But by the end of the week you would see them smile, and laugh, there would be a certain glow about them and you would start to see the real person showing up!

Rest Restore Soar

It was always very gratifying to be a part of this experience and now I want to bring some of that to my own Retreat here in Ireland, with REST RESTORE SOAR.

It will be 7 days with... • wholesome food and juices being prepared for you, • meditations, yoga, to still your mind, • walks on the beach and in the forest park to boost your movement • and colonics, massage and treatments to reset your body • and plenty of rest time to restore your energy and reflect on you

... so you can leave feeling ready to soar and take on life again.

On my retreat the goal is to create a week where you can rest yourself enough to regain the energy you need to be fully awake in your normal life , making good choices and great decisions easily.

I work with so many people that I believe could feel a whole lot better if they could just commit some more time to themselves with treatments and food and movement but the demands of their lives just takeover. It is difficult to see how they can put themselves at the top of the list!

That is why I decided to run this retreat in Ireland.

Hit the pause button

If we are constantly running low on sleep, eating the wrong foods, and using stimulants to keep us energised we end up with less clarity, less energy and life in general is more difficult to deal with.

Hit the pause button and take a week out to really rest and feel restored so the spark comes back and we understand exactly what we can do to keep our energy levels right so we can make good decisions for business, family and ourselves.

Let this week be the beginning.

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Sarah Helping you be your best self!

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