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Take It Slowly January!

January for me is not about launching big changes and making massive commitments. I feel that January is still hibernation time and is more about resting and recovering so that when the longer days begin, we are ready to get out and make the most of it.

A time for slowing down and resting

Our instinct is to rest and slow down when it is dark because our bodies produce the more melatonin, signalling that it’s time to sleep. These short days are the perfect time to head to bed that bit earlier and get good quality sleep. Of course, we do need to get out into the fresh air but if possible, it’s best to do this in the daylight hours, so maybe a lunch time or sunrise walk is when you can achieve this?

Ideal foods for January

When it comes to food, I personally prefer hearty warming foods to get me through these days, like soups and stews. In the natural cycle of growing there are not many foods that are harvested at this time of year apart from Brussel's sprouts!! So, this is a time for the pickles and beans and stored food to come into our diet. Fresh fruit is not naturally abundant at this time apart from stored apples, so maybe this is where we should focus our meals.

When I think of how we eat I like to look back to simpler times and look at the natural cycle of things. Winter is the time when we rest more to reserve energy because the fresh food is not available. We eat more fermented foods because that’s what is preserved best. In a way the winter is our natural fasting season. I think that is why a feast or celebration was created in the middle to help people come together and ensure survival by pooling their food supplies and give them a lift to make it through another winter.

I hope this January you will take the time to rest and restore your body and mind in simple ways to allow for even better health in the weeks ahead.

3 simple things to pay attention to this January

1. Alcohol - cut back as much as possible and save the drinks for any special occasions or celebrations in the month. Set a limit for those times to make sure you recover well. 2. Include as much vegetables as you can in your meals to help clean out the celebration foods. 3. Carrots, apples and sesame seeds are all beneficial for the liver which may need extra help after the celebration weeks.

Sarah Helping you be your best self!

P.S. If you are seeking a rest and reset, you may be interested in attending the REST RESTORE SOAR Retreat, in Donegal this coming March. This 7-night retreat includes juicing, meditation, daily walks, yoga, treatments and more.


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