The "Covid Stone", is it stress related?

This is an article written by a fellow Colonic therapist - Gillian Edwards - with many years of experience. I think it is important for right now and the times we are in to keep perspective on what is happening to our bodies with all the additional stress in society. Continuous low-level stress can be just as problematic as major event stress.

Have a read and remember to be good to yourselves.


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Why Stress Can Make You Fat? Gillian Edwards. Colon hydrotherapist and lover of red lipstick!

Many years ago, a young lady came to see me suffering from IBS symptoms and struggling to lose weight. It was very sad, she had had her head turned by a man and left her partner of many years. The new relationship didn’t work out and she was heartbroken. She had put a stone on in weight but hadn’t changed her diet or exercise regime. She couldn’t understand why she had put weight on and why she couldn’t lose it. So, how had all that stress made her put weight on?