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Why I Love Juicing!

Have you ever juiced? Is it part of your daily routine? Or have you ever done a juice only day?

I love juicing and I always feel great when I include it in my food intake. I have done juice only for 3 days and 5 days and I always felt better for it. In a way I suppose it is a fast but with sufficient nutrients to keep me going.

The idea behind juicing is exactly that. The nutrients are all contained in the juice so the body has no work to do to extract them and no solids to break down. The body can clean house and clear out waste that is clogging up different areas.

I usually find my skin improves, my vision improves and my energy lifts

It does take at least 2 days to feel the turnaround but it is so worth it. I like to do it in the Spring each year to get set for being out and about and to have the energy to enjoy the longer days. I usually start on a Friday because I can still work without feeling too many detox effects. I aim to have 4 juices per day with a banana or avocado in at least one. By the end of the first day all I want to do is sleep which is a great thing. This means my body can do more repair and recovery. So early night and then onto day 2.

As I'm only juicing there's no tea or coffee so usually the withdrawal from that kicks in now. To reduce it I try and cut out the tea in the week before. Removing excess sugars can also make me feel flu like and it always amazes me how much it affects me because I don’t feel I eat very much sugar, but they must creep in somewhere. This is a real day off for me and I usually read , go for a gentle walk and watch something funny to boost the mood. I take an Epsom salt bath on day 2 because again I just feel like minding myself and getting lots of rest.

By day 3 I am missing the enjoyment of eating food but I know I've come this far so one more day will be easy. The headaches and flu like feelings are usually gone by now for me and my energy is back. I have more words on day 3 so I'm more social and active too!

And then it's done!

I follow the 3 days with a colonic and sometimes a coffee enema. To break the fast I normally follow with porridge, chunky veg soups and salads for a few days before introducing grains and meat. But I have to say at this point I really choose more mindfully because doing the juicing has made me realise that more sugars and stimulants have crept in over time. All in all I always feel better for the juicing and usually keep making a juice in the mornings for the next few weeks.

I have been doing this for 7 years now ever since I got to see first-hand the changes in clients when I worked at a health detox retreat in Spain. I rarely get sick and never pick up any colds and flus over the winter and I believe it really helps to keep me feeling positive and happy!

Why not give it a try yourself sometime?


Helping you be your best self!

P.S. Coming soon I will be offering Juice Cleanse packs from Inner Angel Health. Watch the website for more details!


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