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RICTAT Colon Hydrotherapy Training Ireland


  • Are you looking for a new career?

  • Are you a therapist looking to add a new treatment to your skills?

  • Do you love to help people feel better through the work you do?

  • Are you ready to learn a new and interesting therapy?

  • Are you interested in Gut health?

Colon Hydrotherapy is a centuries-old treatment that can help clients to recover their health and regain control over their symptoms!


As Colon Hydrotherapists we treat the client holistically taking into account how they are feeling and what they are going through each time they come to see us. There is no one size fits all protocols. Each client has different factors that need to be taken into account and can be dealing with different stresses on different days.


At it’s most basic level this treatment helps detoxify, cleanse and rebalance the body. It involves a gentle internal bath using warm purified water that can help the body to move wastes that are being stored too long.


The gut is linked to our overall health in many ways, as scientific research is now proving. Gut health impacts the emotions, clarity of thought, food choices, mood or anxiety levels, the skin, the breath, and so much more.


If you are interested in making a real change to peoples’ wellbeing and having a rewarding career with continuous growth opportunities, then consider becoming a Colon Hydro-therapist. The course takes place online, with mentoring calls and 5 days of practical training onsite, with, if necessary, additional hours to complete case studies.


RICTAT - the fastest growing International UK-based organisation of colon hydrotherapy practitioners and trainers!

All RICTAT Members are committed to Continued Professional Development & regularly attend seminars & courses to ensure we continue to high-quality treatments. We understand that hygiene and patient care are of utmost priority and we put client and patient safety first.

Your Trainer

Hi, I'm Sarah.

A Colon Hydrotherapist since 2012. I had my first colonic while working at a Health Retreat in Spain and it was the first step in my training! I was daunted at first but having had a bad week of constipation I felt it couldn't be worse than I was feeling. And boy was I right. I have never looked back since then and my gut and bowel is in top form! 

I am passionate about helping as many people as possible to feel the best they can and truly believe colonics have a vital role to play in this!

I am fully insured member of RICTAT and a RICTAT qualified Advanced Practitioner

and Trainer.

Your Course

  • Your course is backed by UK National Occupational Standards and Skills for Health

  • Learning is flexible to meet students’ needs

  • Our course is open to everyone and anyone who wants to train

  • Anatomy & Physiology qualification is required

  • A&P can be done through us or separately

  • All students will be mentored on a regular basis

  • Training is one to one

  • Students will receive business advice in relation to setting up a clinic

  • Student Membership of RICTAT is included

  • Course fees -  Foundation in Colon Hydrotherapy €2500

  • A&P Training €300

Your Future

On successful completion of the course, you have the opportunity to work in a clinic, work for yourself, work as a mobile therapist or work at health retreats around the world!

Colon Hydrotherapy can be added on to any other therapies you may offer, such as massage, nutrition, acupuncture.

It can give balance to a business by being in demand when other treatments are traditionally quiet.

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