5 Reasons to have a Colonic

I often get asked, 'so why do people have colonics?' Or, 'why would I need to have one, what does it help with?'

So here are my top 5 reasons.

1. To Hydrate

A colonic helps to add water to the body and is absorbed by the bowel and delivered where it's needed via the bloodstream. It also rehydrates the waste sitting in the bowel helping it to move out!

2. Helps Relieve Bloating and Gassiness

This is a very common reason why clients come for a colonic. The treatment can help to release the pockets of gas by getting the bowel muscles moving more and also the tummy massage helps to move it to the exit! When the bowel is cleaner the mucous membrane is healthier and this can reduce reactions to food.

3. To Boost Energy

If we are carrying extra waste in our systems it takes up energy to try and manage it. The liver and kidneys have more work to do so the body can run low on energy. Releasing this waste in a colonic will lighten the load and create more capacity in your body to function better.

4. Relieve Constipation