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Health Issues Associated with Constipation

Do you know if you are constipated or not?

Many doctors will say that it's ok to not go every day, and that it's just your normal rhythms. Depending on how much and how often we eat, we should be eliminating after each meal. Having come from a place of constipation I now realise how many of my issues were caused directly or indirectly by my underperforming gut! Here are 4 health issues that can be a side effect of being constipated

1. Frequent Diarrhoea

Most people think because they go so often they can't be constipated. However if it is always loose and liquid then this is your body doing its best to eliminate whatever waste it can. When we are very constipated the solid waste doesn't move so the body opts to get rid of the liquid waste. This creates a catch 22 situation - constipated because we are dehydrated, dehydrated because we are constipated. Colonics are a really good way to help break this cycle and get the bowel working better, moving more.

2. Skin Problems

Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, breakouts, Rosacea all have a possible link to gut issue. The skin is an organ of elimination. The bowel is the primary organ of elimination but if it doesn’t work well the body will use other ways to get rid of toxins including out through the skin. This helps keep the waste away from vital organs. There may also be environmental factors but sorting out your gut health is a positive step towards sorting out your skin issue. I know it worked for me!

3. Bad Breath

Again the lungs are another organ of elimination and will be used to take up the load when the bowel is not performing. Gases can be sent to the lungs to be eliminated leading to bad breath, bad taste in the mouth and even damaging gums. This was something I struggled with also. I once had a client in Spain who had this issue for many years, had seen all sorts of doctors, had all his teeth and gums stripped back and cleaned to no avail. After his 3 colonics and detox week he couldn't believe it had dramatically reduced. It was coming from his gut not his mouth!

4. Headaches

This links back to the dehydration issue. When we are dehydrated the body will absorb as much as it can from wherever it can, including the stool. This can dehydrate the waste making it difficult to move out of the bowel. But also if Diarrhoea is present this prevents the body from absorbing any hydration from the stool so cause even more dehydration. A common side effect is headaches and or migraines especially with nausea as it is linked to the gut. If you recognise any of these issues take time to consider exactly what is going on with your gut health and your bowel habits. Make time to go to the loo every day and drink plenty of clean fluids as a starting point to help your body help you. Sarah Helping you be your best self! P.S. Book in now for 3 colonics for €210 and get your bowel back on track!


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