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Spare a Thought for Your Liver!

I work a lot with improving bowel health but another organ that is very important to our elimination process is the liver.

Our liver is the main filter for toxins and waste products that cannot be dealt with by the bowel. It takes waste products and changes them into something the body can eliminate more easily. This is why it is so important that our liver functions well.

I think it is important to help cleanse the organs, just like we clean out filters in the dishwasher, the car, the hoover!!!!!

My Experience with a Liver Cleanse

I recently chose to do a liver cleanse that I had studied many years ago and continually promised I would try. It involved drinking lots of apple juice and then a final day of drinking Epsom salts, oil and grapefruit juice.

I will be honest that final part was not very pleasant at all as I did eliminate quite a lot and I was worn out by the end of it. It definitely had to be done on a day of complete rest.

Some odd things showed up in the toilet but I wasn’t convinced whether they were as a result of what I had put in or if they were actually toxins being released.

I didn’t feel that much different in the days after the cleanse but I continued eating healthily with lots of veg and juices afterwards.

Then 2 weeks later I started to notice a difference. I felt less bloated all over and the tyre of fat that seemed to have lodged itself around my waist since hitting menopause reduced dramatically.

Suddenly my clothes fitted a lot better and I have noticed that I wake up less at night now due to overheating. Since then I had a consultation with a herbalist who indicated that there are no problems with my liver.

I do believe that my liver needed that extra bit of help to shift something, maybe it was storing hormones that just weren’t being removed. It might be something I do once a year but am happy to continue with my normal routine of colonics and coffee enemas regularly. I find this leaves me feeling energised and clear-headed and I don’t need to take any days out to do them.

Here’s some food for thought about your liver!

Did you know that the liver filters your entire blood supply every 3 minutes? So pause for a moment and consider that in order for the liver to filter just one alcoholic drink from your blood it needs to go through the liver 20 times!

Approximately 1 hour to filter each drink. Add in some rich food at the same time and your liver is working very hard, and that may be on just one night out!

When you are out celebrating, which is an essential part of life, spare a thought for your liver and take a break between drinks to give it a chance to catch up and keep you clean. Likewise with the rich food, just take some time over each course and between to give your body a chance to digest it properly.


Helping you be your best self!

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